About MAD Ford Family Weekend


    MAD Ford Family Weekend is an idea that has matured for years in the minds of members of two internationally active Ford clubs from Belgium. Ford Team Vlaanderen is an official non-profit organization and is the largest club of the two. It contains an active core of enthusiasts that you have encountered for many years as a regular visitor to Ford Meets at home and abroad. Ford Club Antwerpen is a lot smaller and works on the principle of friendship. The oldest members of both clubs have known each other for more than 20 years today and got to know each other in the mother club Ford Escort Club (Antwerpen), a very active club that existed in the heydays of the 90s. In mutual cooperation, Ford Team Vlaanderen and Ford Club Antwerpen present themselves as MAD Ford Family Belgium, a name that covers the load: a little crazy (and not only from Ford), a family feeling among each other and originating in a small country called Belgium.

    The creation of MAD Ford Family Belgium had a specific goal, namely to set up a Ford meeting. This meeting should look the way we like to visit them ourselves... it should preferably last a weekend, with an international character and where the framework has to be as high-quality and complete as possible. With De Kolonie Merksplas we found the ultimate location and a city council that liked our plans, something that is certainly not obvious in little Belgium! And so it happened ... In 2019 we finally managed to host MAD Ford Family Weekend. Back then we consciously chose not to add an edition number in the name, because -and say this for yourself-: what in the world did we know about organizing meets? What would it bring? It could just go completely wrong, isn't it?

    MAD Ford Family Weekend 2.021

    So two years after the first edition, the second is coming. Since this will take place in 2021, we liked to fool around a bit with the year and edition numbers. And so MAD Ford Family Weekend 2.021 is born. We also have the "luck" that the Pentecostweekend falls in the period from 21 to 24 May, so we also continue the allusions ... The number "2.x" comes back as a common thread. We start on Friday 2.1 May and stop on Monday 2.4 May, but not before we have filled our days on Saturday 2.2 and Sunday 2.3 May with eating, drinking, cleaning cars, watching cars, club games, party building etc ...


    We can be clear about the concept: we will not change that! We resolutely aim for the same framework and activities and want to offer you, the visitor, the same comfort. We are again doing our utmost to provide snacks, we also hope to expand this range slightly so that there is more variety. We provide electricity at the camping grounds for weekend visitors and do not charge an extra fixed price for this again, we again opt for a free contribution at the end of the weekend. We provide sufficient quality sanitary facilities and good showers in the premises of the nearby football fields, peripheral entertainment for young and old, live music on Friday and a DJ on Saturday etc...

    The only change: we add an extra night! We mainly do this to make Sunday a full day so that we can receive day visitors on Saturday AND Sunday. It would be nice if we could mix the Ford scene in Belgium with an international audience from our neighboring countries.
    The full Sunday also provides an extra overnight stay for weekend visitors. They can then rest extra well before they start the return trip on White Monday. Or maybe we are celebrating a small party with the persistents ...

    Info DAY visitors

    If you want to visit MAD Ford Family Weekend 2.021 for one day, you can, of course! Previous edition this was only worth it on Saturday, now we also make a full day of Sunday. As a day visitor you can use all our facilities, except the showers and electricity on site. The latter are only provided for weekend visitors. We provide sufficient pitches in zone 1 where we put all day visitors together. We do our utmost to put club members together, you can use the presale tickets for best results. You can participate in the Show & Shine competition, only know that the cup ceremony is scheduled for Sunday evening.

    A DAYticket costs you €10 in presale. Unless the meet should be sold out, you can also enter without a presale ticket (Saturday or Sunday) at the expence of €15 at the box office. With every ticket sold, MAD Ford Family Belgium donates €5 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Info WEEKEND visitors

    Weekend visitors are welcome from Friday or Saturday and are expected to return home no later than Monday morning. You can use all our facilities for breakfast, camping and showers (shower facilities open at fixed times!). If you have a caravan with you, you are obliged to be placed in zone 2 (guidelines from the municipality). This means that we place your club there together if one or more members have caravan trailers. Exceptionally, if organisationally possible and with prior request, it is possible to deviate from this by, for example, placing your caravan in zone 2, but your club cars in zone 1.

    A WEEKEND pass costs you € 30 in advance (arrival on Friday) or € 20 (arrival Saturday), at the box office this will be € 35 and € 25. With every ticket sold, MAD Ford Family Belgium donates € 5 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Make A Wish

    MAD Ford Family also wanted to contribute to a good cause by organizing a meeting. Until now we have been able to make many of our dreams come true, dreams that for many have existed since childhood. Sometimes we drive our dreams or maybe it's standing somewhere in a shed. Either way we are working to make it come true ... We are all part of a close group of friends and part of a beautiful international community.

    We may not realize enough that there are people in our society who are deprived of the happiness of making dreams come true. Especially when it comes to children, this is a confrontational reality ... That is why we found a charity in the Make-A-Wish Foundation that we can fully relate to, making dreams come true for those who need it most. When we were organizing our first meeting, we decided to donate € 5 per registration to Make-A-Wish. In 2019 we raised over € 1000, a nice amount that came from the 200 participating Fords and free gifts that were donated during the weekend by everyone present!

    Also for this edition this principle remains unchanged and we will again donate € 5 to Make-A-Wish per registration. You as a participant therefore again contribute to this wonderful initiative and we would like to thank you for that.

    More information about Make-A-Wish (Belgium) can be found here: https://www.makeawish.be/home/