Covid-19 / Corona / SARS-CoV-2 and MAD Ford Family Weekend 2.021

    Update - where are we today?

    Today, we hope that the situation will be under control by the spring of 2021. We closely follow the evolution and decide the fate of our event in due time.

    Today, MAD FORD FAMILY WEEKEND 2.021 takes place!

    Our Goals and Precautions

    While we were predominantly positive about the reconstruction of social life just before the summer, we now unfortunately have to conclude that these annoying measures continue to haunt us ... And instead of more permissions being allowed again, there are several permissions taken back today and our bubbles become smaller instead of bigger. There is also no information at all about how long this will take ... One thing is clear: the longer this will take, the closer we get to spring 2021 and the greater the chance that we, as an organization, and you, as potential participants, will also be confronted in the next year with this measures, do's and don'ts.

    We obviously hope, like everyone else, that we can quickly leave this way of life behind us so that we can set up a qualitative meeting for you without having to pay too much attention to any measures ...

    Despite that hope, we are also thinking a step further ... We take into account the scenario that in the period that our meeting takes place there may still be (far-reaching) restrictions and measures in force. We decided for ourselves, if it turns out that organizing a quality event is almost impossible, that we will postpone our event for a year. We have now taken our own corona measures to this end and have opted for the sites and infrastructure for 2022.

    Please note: as of today, we are still making every effort to open the 2021 season strongly! But we don't want to leave the people who buy a ticket out in the cold. MAD Ford Family Weekend 2.021 definitely remains a goal in itself and we still go for that, but if things go wrong we offer you an alternative in 2022. Your possibly purchased ticket for 2021 will then also be valid ... is your calendar full during the Whitsun weekend of 2022? Then we will simply refund your tickets ...

    Is something unclear or do you have any questions? Then use the contact form on our website or email