Welcome at

    MAD Ford Family Weekend 2

    Produced by Ford Team Vlaanderen & Ford Club Antwerpen


    During the time of the event


    NO breaking or throwing GLASS

    Keep it CLEAN - DO NOT VOMIT on site

    DO NOT leave faeces

    Use DOG BAGS



    Use BINS for your WASTE

    During the Nights

    No excessive YELLING

    No engine REVVING

    Keep Volume DOWN

    How do I...


    Drinks are payed with tickets! Tickets are purchased at the entrance cash desk at the price of 1,5 euro each. There’s no money exchange at the bar! One ticket will buy you most available drinks, more luxurious drinks require 2 tickets.

    Beer is also sold per crate,we apply a pledge system when purchasing a crate. When you return the empty crate including empty bottles, this is worth 4 receipts (and thus 2 euro).

    Drinks are served in bottles (20 or 25cl—depends on drink) or drinking glasses. We do not recommend to take glasses and bottles out of the bar zone. 

    NOTE: Empty bottles are worth recycle money (pawn, pfand), we want them back!!

    • GET FOOD

    Typical Belgian Snacks (for example Belgian Fries) are served by the food truck “T Snackske”. We also provide Pasta and when the weatheris hot enough, an icecream car will pop up too. Please check the included time shedule for opening times. The Food Trucks operates independant from MAD Ford, so food is payed cash at the food truck, no tickets needed here!


    MAD Ford Family offers you a breakfast buffet on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday morning (check time shedule). Breakfast needs to be confirmed at entrance cash desk. For the price of 7 euro we offer you everything that gets your day started! Bread, bacon, eggs, coffee… it’s all there!


    Showers are offered in a seperate shower container that we will open regularly. You can find the showers at the kitchen zone short by the entrance. This way we can privide you with a privat shower room and we can open the rooms more often. For people who are taking precautions for Covid-19 virus, independant shower cabinets offer more safety then collective shower rooms.


    Belgium has an advanced garbage sorting and recycling system. Troughout the whole meeting area you will find dedicated garbage zones in which you can leave your garbage. These zones will be provided with icons which help you to sort your waste in the right way. Our MAD Ford crew will reguylarly clean out the zones to prevent discomfort and stench.


    We distribute the available power as much as possible troughout the whole terrain. We provide plenty of sockets, there should be enough for every club/group. Please, do not take away all free sockets and let everyone have the chance to connect to the grid.

    You’re free to plug in, there’s no subscription or reservation. You do not have to pay an extra fee. However, MAD Ford Family has to pay the bill, so we would love you to contribute and share expends with us. Somewhere this weekend we come around with “the cap” in which you can leave a free contribution. With a big THANK YOU from our side, of course!!


    Water is freely available at the hydrant in the central zone in the entrance neighbourhoud. You can use this water for washing cars or dishes, we DO NOT recommand drinking it!


    Show & Shine - Concours


    Show&Shine (or Concours if you like) by MAD Ford Family is organised in a different way. This means we did not follow tradititional classifications like braking down in model categories or concours classes. We have choosen the approach to give every concours participant (or “cup hunter”) even chances for wining a cup regardless the Ford model he enters in competition.

    More then 50 cups can be won in the “Show&Shine Top 50” (Top 50—Top 25 and Top 10) and a couple of more specific cups.


    Participation is confirmed on arrival or via the online registration system and costs...nothing. Other than last edition, we have chosen to have the Show & Shine organised at one dedicated spot. If you want to participate, just take your car to the firt open barn in Zone 1. You can find the jury there, check our schedule for opening times!


    Your pride will be judged by an independant jury of car enthousiats and mechanics with experience and knowledge of the brand Ford. Jury consists out of 3 people to seek for maximum objectivity. MAD Ford Family Members or Crew will allways be in the neighbourhoud. The aim is to take everything in account like originality, paint, engine, cosmetical condition, technical condition, conversions, effort etc.

    • CUPS

    Cups are handed out on Sunday 5 June at 18:00 in or around the party-barn.



    Cup Categories


    "Show&Shine Top 50”Top 50 till 26

    "Show&Shine Top 25”Top 25 till 11

    "Show&Shine Top 10”Top 10 till 1

    I Love My Neighbours 3 - 2 - 1”Exhaust DB drag—top 3

    "Boob Shaker" Lowest Car Static

    "T-Bagged" Lowest Car Air 

    “Pristine Beauty”Most Original Preserved Classic

    “Pink Doll”Award for most girly car in competition

    “Inked”Best paint or Special paint

    “Optimus Prime”Least original car - most rebuild or tuned



    Club Games “MAD Champs 3 - 2 - 1” Club games places 3, 2 and 1

    "Double Trouble” Award for most unlucky bird/situation

    “Village People Award” Award for best dressed club/group on saturday night party

    “The Joker”  Award  for best costume on saturday night party

    “National Pride” Highest number of cars, biggest club—National

    “Exotic Gang” Highest number of cars, biggest club—International

    “’Fuel Duel” Award for longest trip, greatest distance traveled


    Shedule and Time Table

    Friday 3th June

    From 8:00

    Gates officially OPEN

    from 14:00 untill ...

    BAR open

    from 16:00 untill 20:00

    PASTA Food Truck

    21:00 untill 0:00

    Live Music by "Bed & Breakfast Acoustic Band"

    Saturday 4th June

    From 8:00 untill 10:30

    Breakfast Session 1

    From 11:30 untill 20:00

    Belgian SNACKS Food Truck

    from 13:00 untill 17:00

    Show & Shine - Concours Part 1

    16:00 untill 18:00

    Club Games


    Club and Participants Representation

    From 21:00 untill ...

    DRESS-UP-Party with DJ, Beer and Bar

    Sunday 5th June

    From 8:00 untill 10:30

    Breakfast Session 2

    from 11:00 untill 16:00

    Show & Shine - Concours Part 2

    From 11:30 untill 16:30

    PASTA Food Truck

    From 11:30 untill 19:00

    Belgian SNACK Food Truck


    Cup Winners Presentation

    From 21:00 untill ...

    After Party - Closing Night

    Monday 6th June

    From 8:00 untill 10:30

    Breakfast Session 3


    Closure and Departue

    Terrain Info

    Surroundings - Shops - Usefull Places

    Charity - Make A Wish

    The members of MAD Ford Family agreed that we should be able to contribute to a noble charity purpose so we decided to contribute to the same purpose as we did in 2019. Back then we managed to donata a nice amound of a little over 1100 euro, all thanks to our visitors back then. We hope to reacht the same amount this year or, who knows, even more!

    Make A Wish is an organization of voluntary employees that focuses on children who suffer from a life-threatening illness. Make A Wish uses donations and acquired funds to fulfill the heart's desires of the fighting children. In this way they want to offer hope, strength and joy to the children and their immediate environment in often difficult and heartbreaking times .

    You as a Ford enthousiast will put something in the bag when you visit us, because MAD Ford Family Belgium wishes to support the Make A Wish initiative through the revenue funds. For each registered car, MAD Ford Family donates 5 euro to the benefit of the Make A Wisch Foundation. Also, you will find a gift box at our entrance desk where you can drop a free gift for the right purpose.


    Special Thanks To

    The Community of Merksplas

    For letting us use this beautiful location and all necessary support behind the scenes


    For being intermediary and giving logisitic support concerning services

    Make A Wish

    For the wonderful collaboration and giving our event a purpose


    For all necessary graphical design and support  (flyers, logo’s, labels, website)

    Winner Kasterlee

    For logistic support and help regarding cups

    Drankenhandel ‘t Klaverblad—Beerse

    For logistic support regarding bar materials and delevering our beloved Jupiler

    Our Volunteers from Ford Team Vlaanderen, Ford Club Antwerpen and sympathizers

    Without there numerous presence and hard work in both preparation and help this weekend, this MAD Ford Family Weekend would have stayed a dream forever...

    YOU, the visitors and participants

    For being here! For supporting us and for making this weekend one we’ll never forget!